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From affluent consumers to influential business decision-makers, The Economist Group has an array of successful case studies showing how you can address and engage with hard-to-reach audiences.

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EIU Healthcare Project

We conducted in-depth environmental scan to develop comprehensive strategic and risk mitigation plan for leading global IVD manufacture.

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In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Data and Insights

To develop a good sales and marketing strategy, you need to know the value and volume of the business you can capture.

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NEC: Safe Cities Index

Strengthen NEC’s position as a leading provider of technology that can help countries, cities and companies secure their critical infrastructure by establishing dialogues with stakeholders on how to best safeguard their operations.

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Hitachi Data Systems: The Hype And The Hope

Engage the general management audience of various industries in a conversation on the utility of big data and their business challenges around the topic.

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